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Types of Heaters to Consider

Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in HVAC Residential Commercial | 0 comments

Types of Heaters to Consider

Are you looking for a heater to buy? If yes, then you need to be prepared to face confusion as to choose which heater to buy. There are many heaters from different brands that you can find on the market such as heaters from the HVAC Residential Commercial and other brands. If you are stuck when choosing the heater, then you need to know that there are several things of heaters that you can use as the considerations to help you choose the right heater for you. One of the things is the energy source of the heater.

In accordance with its primary energy source, heaters can be divided into three types which are an electric heater, an oil heater, and a gas heater. An electric heater can still be divided into the direct system and the indirect system. The system directly means that the conversion of energy from electricity to heat without intermediate mode, this can be found in convection type of heater which is the electric fan heater and the radiation which is the lamp heater. While the indirect system can be found in a heat pump, gas heater and oil heater mostly use direct systems.

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